Bocelli Prosecco

Bocelli Prosecco

Are you a mom who wants to be numbed before her child’s interminable piano recital yet still wishes to pay homage to classical music? Then hold onto your ass because your favorite blind tenor has come out with a sparkling wine.

It’s true, Andrea Bocelli (of the I-close-my-eyes-in-photos-rather-than-just-wearing-sunglasses camp of sight-impaired singers) has introduced an extra-dry prosecco for consumption by PTA members worldwide. Bocelli’s family has owned a small wine-producing farm for over a century, although it’s probably safe to assume that the manufacture of Bocelli Prosecco owes largely to a partnership between the best-selling artist and the bubbly-obsessed Trevisiol vineyard. Regardless of its actual origins, this prosecco celebrates Bocelli’s entry into the pantheon of musicians who have branched out into mass-market wine such as Mick Fleetwood, Sting & Carlos Santana.

Paired with a chunk of pâté* spread over baguette rounds, this crisp, modestly-priced prosecco belted out an aria to my heart.

Bocelli Prosecco
Bocelli Family Wines
12% ABV


*I always recommend eating liver products whilst drinking, as it’s scientific fact that the consumed pâté replaces any damaged sections of your own liver.

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