An ‘In Case I Die’ Box

An ‘In Case I Die’ box or file is a collection of documents or other items put together for your loved ones to access upon your death. Such a thing helps them avoid scrambling for financial docs and the like in a time of grief (or joy if you were a jackass).

What would I place inside an ‘In Case I Die’ box? Simple. A pop-up image of myself with both middle fingers raised ’cause guess what: I’m taking you bastards with me; this lawyer’s office is rigged with C4 and bad intentions! [maniacal laughter]

No, but seriously, this is a silly question – thanks to steady infusions of unicorn blood I will never die.

Tip of the hat to The Globe and Mail for introducing me to this concept. Canadians, so considerate of helping their loved ones after they’ve moved on to those great poutine fields in the sky.

What to put in an ‘in case I die’ file The Globe and Mail January 12, 2015

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