Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore – best-known as The Daily Show‘s Senior Black Correspondent for the past 8 years – has the unenviable task of replacing Stephen Colbert, a man who crafted the best comic persona of the last decade. Wilmore’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore debuted this past week with a strong run of episodes following the format of a sarcastic Wilmore monologue on a single issue followed by a panel discussion of the same topic (it has a strong similarity to Real Time with Bill Maher with the benefit of lacking Bill Maher). It will be interesting to see if the quality of panel members after the first few week or two (when the bookers would have used all their clout) is maintained; also remaining to be seen are the evolution and experimentation of a nightly show trying to find its rhythm.

Below is the great evisceration of Dr. Huxtable that sold me on the show.

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