Allagash White

It’s a cold day and my boots are crunching the thin mantle of snow on the sidewalk. I’ve just spent the last 2 hours at a natural history museum shoving aside small children; they weren’t in the way, it was just with all the reminders on natural selection I felt like demonstrating my environmental fitness.

So Purty

I’m at least in better shape than this guy

So now I find myself dropping into a bar. Not in the mood for liquor, I grab a glass of Allagash White. It’s one of the better American-made witbiers1 I’ve had, which is saying a lot since I go bananas for everything Belgium and beer; thus also I have scorn for inferior beers that merely ape the qualities of their forebears (looking at you, Blue Moon). Highly recommend.

Allagash White
Allagash Brewing Co.
5% ABV
$couple bucks a glass


1. Witbier is a Belgian-style beer that’s unfiltered with tons of wheat and a variety of spices – usually coriander or orange peel. They’re delicious.

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