The Storm of the Century

The most powerful blizzard to have ever hit Boston. Roads shut down. Store shelves empty of bread and milk1. Liquor store lines 30+ people deep. And yet I wasn’t kept awake by howling winds or the shouts of cannibal gangs roaming the post-apocalyptic streets. I didn’t even see any of the purported yetis.

So, absent living through a The Day After Tomorrow-type scenario, the most enraging part of all this is the Weather Channel’s continued insistence on naming winter storms. It says its decision to name blizzards is based in science, and while a lot of acronyms and jargon are thrown out (jargon=science!) the real decision behind naming storms is that it increases web traffic and television viewers to its own websites

1. If you’re stocking up on food for an emergency, maybe don’t go with a) something that quickly goes stale or b) a liquid that spoils if your power goes out. #ProTips


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