Review 2.1.2015

{Items old and new that caught my attention in the previous week}

Links in ‘murican

Are You Binge-Watching Because You’re Depressed? Smithsonian Magazine January 29, 2015
No, it’s because I’m obsessed with Vice President Underwood.
Mastering the Trap-Bath Split Dialect Blog March 10, 2011
Who Has Late Abortions – And Why? Huffington Post January 28, 2015
Marijuana vending machine to debut in Seattle KBOI January 28, 2015

The Republicans: Divided & Scary The New York Review of Books February 15, 2015 (upcoming issue)

Lindsey Graham: Wrong on Everything Foreign Policy January 27, 2015

What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women Newsweek January 28, 2015

From guilty pleasure to Emmy awards: The delightfully weird history of Lifetime movies The Washington Post January 15, 2015

With a Hyperloop Test Track, Elon Musk Takes on the Critical Heavy Lifting Wired January 16, 2015

Gympie, Gympie: Once stung, never forgotten Australian Geographic June 16, 2009

Requiem for Yemen’s Revolution The Atlantic January 25, 2015

The Private-School Stigma The Atlantic January 21, 2015

Why museums hide masterpieces away BBC January 23, 2015

The NY Police vs. the Mayor The New York Review of Books February 5, 2015 (upcoming issue)

How stupid is a Davos audience, anyway? Fusion January 2015

Six the Monkey Wins Japan Beauty Pageant for Apes The Wall Street Journal January 26, 2015

The 3 most dangerous lies promoted by 50 Shades of Grey Life Site January 21, 2015

Abandoned as a child bride, Narendra Modi’s wife hopes he calls The Washington Post January 25, 2015

Man With Serious Mental Illness Committed To City Bus The Onion January 21, 2015

After a Deal, British Chocolates Won’t Cross the Pond The New York Times January 23, 2015 (maybe write snowflake on it, include video of British people eating American sweets)

Dessert Funny gif Imgur

Links in Not-‘murican

Ecco come Jeff Bezos vuole rivoluzionare il mondo dei media l’Espresso January 23, 2015 {Italian}

Come nell’Unione Sovietica. “Se metti in dubbio l’autorità, sei malato di mente” Wall Street Italia January 22, 2015 {Italian}
Pegada in Erfurt: Hunderte demonstrieren gegen “Amerikanisierung des Abendlandes” Der Spiegel January 24, 2015 {German}

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