Review 4.12.2015

{Items old and new that caught my attention in the previous week}

Links in ‘murican

The Inside Story of the Civil War for the Soul of NBC News Vanity Fair May 2015
As someone who enjoys when one media organization reports on another, this is an entertaining look at the inside maneouvreings and staff shake-ups at NBCUniversal since its purchase by Comcast 4 years ago.

No, Jews Aren’t Defecting to the GOP  Politico April 7, 2015
An examination of the roots American Jews’ liberalism and the headlines that have arisen every election cycle for decades questioning whether this might be the year that Jews flock to the Republican party.

The peculiar Frenchness of fare-dodging The Financial Times April 7, 2015
So, so true.

The double-standard of making the the poor prove they’re worthy of government benefits The Washington Post April 7, 2015
The visibility of government assistance to the poor and the indignation it raises in those ignorant of the benefits they themselves receive.

Links in Not-‘murican

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