Abita: Seersucker Summer Pils

Finally, a beer over which plantation owners from Mississippi to Indochina can rejoice: this light, hoppy pilsner is perfectly suited to be held in hand as you rock your chair languorously on the veranda, dabbing away sweat with your kerchief. Poured into a glass, its light, cloudy color gulping in the sunlight, the drink serves as a focal point whilst you yell instructions at the workers of your anachronistic enterprise – just don’t call them field-hands, it’s no longer in fashion; go with… independent contractors. Yes, that’s good! The beer’s slight bitterness mirrors well the nipping bite of your paternalism while the strong wheat flavor brings to mind your own verdant fields. Highly recommended.

Seersucker Summer Pils
Abita Brewing Company
4.8% ABV
$9 for a 6-pack

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