Review Sep. 13, 2015

{Items old and new that caught my attention in the previous week}

Links in ‘murican

UK sperm bank has just nine registered donors, boss reveals The Guardian | August 30, 2015

Airbus just patented a jet that could fly from London to New York in 1 hour Business Insider | August 4, 2015

The Comma Queen: the Semicolon; or, Mastering the Giant Comma The New Yorker | August 20, 2015

A portrait of authority: Pictures of the Kims in N. Korea North Korea News | August 31, 2015

The French Scrabble champion who doesn’t speak French The Guardian | July 21, 2015

Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science Science | August 28, 2015

The Rise of Bulgakov Diplomacy Foreign Policy | August 31, 2015

Trump’s deportation idea similar to 1930s mass removals Yahoo! News | August 30, 2015

13 lessons British people need to learn when they move to New York City Business Insider | August 26, 2015

Even in college, Donald Trump was brash Boston Globe | August 28, 2015

Cat Circus Looking for a Tour Assistant (Chicago) Craigslist | August 24, 2015

A Buddhist Monk Walks Into A Bar… | August 18, 2015

A Twitter account for Oliver Henry’s Mathematistic Blog | August 17, 2015

How Did This Get Made? Theodore Rex (An Oral History) /Film | August 21, 2015

Is Kama Sutra a feminist book of erotic love? BBC | August 6, 2015

Documenting Small Arms and Light Weapons Small Arms Survery | July 14, 2015

Kevin Hart’s Funny Business Rolling Stone | July 29, 2015

Thailand releases UK academic after asparagus plagiarism dispute The Financial Times | September 8, 2015
A British-Thai dual citizen spends four days in custody at an airport. Why? Because after accusing a prominent Thai bureaucrat of plagiarizing his work, said bureaucrat had the man placed on an immigration blacklist. Ironically, the Thai official was the director of an agency charged with protecting intellectual property rights.

Links in Not-‘murican

Tanzanie : pourquoi la tradition des mariages entre femmes perdure Jeune Afrique | August 28, 2015 {French}

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