Review Sep. 20, 2015

{Items old and new that caught my attention in the previous week}

Links in ‘murican

South Korea’s unification school stokes controversy North Korea News | September 17, 2015

Hello Barbie has some career advice for your child Engadget | September 17, 2015

A Day in the Life of a CIA Leadership Analyst Intern Central Intelligence Agency | September 9, 2015
Part of a ‘Day in the Life’ series covering various CIA positions. Unsurprisingly, each entry is… vague.

About the Chris Rock Cannibalism Story Line That Was Too Crazy Even for Empire Vanity Fair | September 16, 2015

These robotic legs could change the way helicopters land Mashable | September 15, 2015

Jarryd Hayne’s debut as seen in Australia: a fumble, flags and breaks – as it happened The Guardian | September 15, 2015
An sportswriter from Sydney live-blogs the NFL debut of Jarred Hayne, an Australian sports star who made his name in rugby league. The writer, Matt Cleary, doesn’t have the firmest grasp of American football and his constant befuddlement, as well as his fantastic descriptions (“Aaron Lynch, a giant human, swamps the wide man like a giant wet blanket with arms”), make this a real treat.

These Shameless Cocaine Ads Prove the ’70s Were a Hell of a Time to Be Alive Adweek | September 15, 2015
I can’t beat that headline.

Physicists show ‘molecules’ made of light may be possible | September 10, 2015

National Geographic Is Now Owned by a Climate Change Denier Gizmodo | September 10, 2015
It’ll be interesting to see what changes occur to National Geographic magazine. What changes, if any, will be implemented by Rupert Murdoch to a magazine that has become far more strident in its environmental advocacy since I was young?

Driven to Kill: Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit Slate | September 4, 2015

Your gynecologist had to start somewhere. You can thank these actors later. The Washington Post | September 3, 2015

‘Star Wars’ flashback: Christmas ’77 left fans with empty feeling Hero ComplexLos Angeles Times | January 10, 2015
The executives at Kenner were completely blindsided by the success of Star Wars when it was released in 1977. So surprised were they by demand for toys that they infamously sold an empty cardboard box with placeholders for the action figures. What a joy to receive on Christmas Day.

An Exile in the Corn Belt The New Yorker | September 7, 2015

Bill de Blasio’s Battle to Save New York—and Himself Vanity Fair | October 2015

America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker The Huffington Post | September 2015

‘Good Listener, Neat Dresser’ — Taliban Publishes Biography Of New Leader Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty | September 1, 2015

‘Invisibility cloak’ could turn beer bellies into six-packs The Guardian | September 17, 2015
It’s not the science we need; it’s the science we deserve.

Links in Not-‘murican

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