Two Roads: Roadsmary’s Baby

Basic bitch decisions have continued with another pumpkin ale in the line-up.

Roadsmary’s baby pours foamy and with the color of light maple syrup, which is a shame because I like that rich Vermont gold and this beer is… meh. It tastes like a slightly malty ale and that’s it. There’s a hint of pumpkin in there, yes, but it’s a lot like those Magic Eye posters: if I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking for, I’m not going to find it. There’s also talk on the can of the beer sitting in old rum casks to impart vanilla notes but again: nothing.

It seems as if all the effort went into a punny name and great can design. Try harder next time before jumping on a bandwagon, guys.

Roadsmary’s Baby
Two Roads Brewing Company
8.6% ABV
~$2.50 for a single can

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