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Donald Trump and the “F-Word” The Washington Spectator | September 30, 2015
Rick Perlstein, author of the excellent Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus,

Initial MSF Internal Review: Attack on Kunduz Trauma Centre, Afghanistan Médecins Sans Frontières | November 5, 2015 [PDF]
I’m going to quote MSF’s prelude in its entirety, only adding that I feel you really should take a few minutes to read this short (13 pp.) report.
‘Médecins Sans Frontières has taken a decision to publically release the initial outcomes of its own MSF review of what happened before, during and immediately after the US airstrikes on the hospital in Kunduz.
“The hospital was razed to the ground after a wave of attack from the air. We lost our ability to treat patients at a time when we were needed the most. Thirty of our patients and medical staff died. Some of them lost their limbs and were decapitated in the explosions. Others were shot by the circling gunship while fleeing the burning building. We were forced to leave patients to die on the operating table and others burning in their ICU beds.
The view from inside the hospital is that this attack was conducted with a purpose to kill and destroy.’

In Yoga Class, Do Dogs Do Downward-Facing Human? The Wall Street Journal | November 8, 2015
On the growing trend of fitness classes designed for people to exercise with their dogs. Yay, trend pieces.

Directed by Hollywood, Edited by China: How China’s Censorship and Influence Affect Films Worldwide U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission | October 28, 2015
In addition to growing blandness and a fondness for sequels, Hollywood studios, who are reliant on overseas revenue if their 9-figure productions are to be profitable, pander to Chinese tastes and self-censor to make sure their films make the quota and are released to the second-biggest movie audience in the world.

Who Really Said That? The Chronicle of Higher Education | September 16, 2013
Have you ever heard someone drop an adage like, ‘Whoever is not a socialist when he is 20 has no heart; whoever is not a conservative when he is 30 has no brain’ and then attribute it to someone famous (Churchill and Burke are common for this one) – but when you go to look up the original source you only find a series of circular attributions to various historical luminaries with no proof any of them ever uttered those words? Well, this is a fun article about those situations where we, looking to buttress our own ideologies, use quotes as an appeal to (the wrong) authority (because if Gandhi said this thing that backs me up your point is automatically invalid, bam).

How Many Americans Have A Passport? The Expeditioner | February 9, 2014
Yes, just barely half of Americans possess a valid passport; more interesting is seeing how the percentage of a state’s population with passports matches up to how that state votes in presidential elections.

The story of the surgery that made Ben Carson famous — and its complicated aftermath The Washington Post | November 13, 2015
The first separation of twins conjoined at the head made Ben Carson’s name and set him on the path that has led him to being a household name; however, what actually happened to the children and family involved who had to live with the fallout that comes with testing new surgical techniques is as interesting as the story of the surgery itself.

Every Single Movie That Jimmy Carter Watched at the White House Gizmodo | September 15, 2015
Part of my interest in this is my innate voyeurism for anything to do with a president’s private life; the other part is because I’d pay almost anything to be in the same room as Southern Baptist Jimmy Carter the first time he saw Midnight Cowboy.

White Supremacists Are Thrilled Donald Trump Mentioned “Operation Wetback” Buzzfeed | November 12, 2015
Donald Trump made the news this week; and not the good kind, like you want.

When Disney got adult – and trippy BBC | November 12, 2015
Who else misses the utter surrealism of some of the early Disney movies? Animation>CGI, battle lines have been drawn.

Timeline: George Clooney’s History of Pranking Vulture | February 6, 2014
Oh, Clooney – such a scamp! Favorite is the cat’s litter box and its weeks of dedication.

Deputy emir of ‘moderate’ Taliban faction oversaw ‘massacre of thousands of Shiites’ The Long War Journal | November 10, 2015
Funny, the man who claims to be ‘moderate’ is a génocidaire. What a resume.

N. Korean ‘abduction manual’ leaked: Tokyo Shimbun NK News | November 11, 2015
356 pages of ’90s madness, sure to further upset the already-furious Japanese; a number of Japanese citizens were kidnapped from the islands and brought back to North Korea for various purposes, though the most-famous victim was a South Korean director plucked from Hong Kong and smuggled back to Best Korea to… make movies for cinephile Kim Jong-Il.

Holy Cow, Home Alone is 25! Chicago Magazine | November 10, 2015
I guess it’s getting to the point where it’s weird that I’ve never seen this. It’s not a classic holiday movie, though, right?…. Right, guys?

Funny Face: Carrot Top’s stage act a mask of contradictions The Las Vegas Sun | November 20, 2009
An interesting look into the background and methods of one of the most-successful comedians out there today. And yes, the jokes quoted are terrible.

When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job Esquire | July 7, 2015
A look at the personal side of the climate scientists who are so often vilified in the US & UK. Well-worth the time spent reading it.

Who Said It: Ben Carson or Mac From “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”? Cafe | October 13, 2015
7/8. I’m disappointed.

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