Sunday Review: June 5, 2016

{Items old and new that caught my attention in the previous week}

News in ‘murican

Neo-fascists Threaten the West. In Israel They’ve Already Arrived Haaretz | May 31, 2016
The columnists at the liberal Israeli daily Haaretz have been growing ever more despondent over the years and not for bad reason. During the most recent voting cycle, PM Netanyahu posted a Facebook video at the last minute warning his supporters that ‘Arab voters are heading to the polling stations in droves’; he apologized for the blatant racism only after his fear-mongering pushed up turnout for his party that won him the election. Now, with the ascension of Avigdor Lieberman – whose Israel/Palestine two-state solution includes ethnic cleansing – to the second-most powerful position in the country, former PM Ehud Barak can rightly say that Israel “has been infected by the seeds of fascism” while Moshe Ya’alon, the hawkish former defense minister, can gripe that “extremist and dangerous elements have taken over Israel and the Likud Party.” Dark times, החברים שלי.

The Metamorphosis The New Yorker | May 30, 2016

Why an American POW chose Mao’s China over home The South China Morning Post | May 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton vs. Herself New York Magazine | May 30, 2016

Shady accounting underpins Trump’s wealth Politico | May 31, 2016
Timothy O’Brien is a journalist sued by Trump for $5bn -at the time the largest-ever libel suit filed – for ‘underestimating’ the man’s wealth in a 2005 book where he pegged it at around a quarter billion. Politico reports that O’Brien saw Trump’s tax returns and can’t discuss them; yet the reporter has discussed other documents unearthed during the trial on Slate’s delightful Trumpcast podcast – audits performed by various banks before doing deals with Trump that revealed, after accounting for assets minus debt, that The Donald was worth maybe a billion at most. It’s still a lot of cash, but for someone who proclaims to be the biggest and bestest at everything he does (when in fact he’s a minor player on the NYC real estate scene) a billion dollars an unimpressive showing in the decades since he got daddy’s money.

Inside ‘Veep’s’ Elaborate Social Media Campaign The Hollywood Reporter | May 30, 2016
Ah, the age of social media, where the writers of one of your favorite comedies can create Twitter accounts and websites for all of their characters. I see you, @realSelinaMeyers.

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