Sunday Review: August 14, 2016

{Items old and new that caught my attention in the previous week}

News in ‘murican

Donald Trump says the ‘real’ unemployment rate is 42%. He’s really, really wrong. Vox | August 22, 2015

Those who dislike the Obama administration cannot argue with falling unemployment rates

The Green Party Takes Itself Very Seriously, But No One Else Should The Huffington Post | August 8, 2016

The world’s most useless job imgur | Agust 7, 2016


A sexual assault case involving refugee children in Idaho. A microcosm of America in the age of Trump. Slate | July 31, 2016

1MDB: The inside story of the world’s biggest financial scandal The Guardian | July 28, 2016

Why Buyers Shunned the World’s Largest Diamond Vanity Fair | August 5, 2016

News in Not-‘murican

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