{bRambles are monologues on whatever the hell I feel like talking about… now get off my lawn!}

{As one might guess, Snowflakes are short, ephemeral musings on various subjects – longer than a tweet, shorter than an essay}

{I have access to the Most Interesting Man in This Zipcode – myself – and occasionally sit him down to chat}

Book Reviews
{It’s exactly what it says on the tin}

Tipsy Tuesday
{I’m not drinksing, I’m, I’m doin’ researches for my blog you guyss}

The Saga of Rick Ross
{The Saga of Rick Ross follows the fin-de-siècle adventures of Rick Ross, hip-hop don and Professor of Philology at Miskatonic University, formerly of Oxford and the Sorbonne}

Fringe Friday
{Investigations into humanity’s id}

{PopSat is an examination of a pop culture item; or, it’s a round-up of songs accompanied by vignettes}

Sunday Review
{A weekly collection of those things on the Interwebs, both new and old, which caught my interest}

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